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Cycle Syncing: Herbal Tea Set

Cycle Syncing: Herbal Tea Set

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For a regulated cycle and balanced hormones all month long.
Four herbal powders: one for each phase of your cycle. Carefully curated with a blend of roots, flowers, leaves and berries to soothe inflammation, boost mood, and stabilize & support energy levels through each phases' unique needs.

Our Recommended Routine:

  • WEEK 1: MOON PHASE TEA is your period soothing blend. This will help soothe discomfort during your actual menstrual cycle. Moon Phase helps to soothe cycle symptoms like cramping and bloating, ease mood swings, and replenish nutrients. Ingredients: CHAMOMILE, RED RASPBERRY, GINGER, NETTLE, ROSE, LEMON BALM
  • WEEK 2: FOLLICULAR PHASE TEA energizes and restores the body during the Follicular Phase of your menstrual cycle - which is typically the 7-10 days after your period ends and energy increases. Ingredients: LEMON BALM, GOJI BERRIES, SCHISANDRA BERRIES, HOLY BASIL, CINNAMON, ASTRAGALUS 
  • WEEK 3: OVULATION PHASE TEA nurtures the body as it reaches the peak of its cycle -  Ovulation Phase. This is typically the center portion of your cycle where estrogen and creative sexual energies are at their peak. Curiosity and communication are flourishing during this time, and herbs that help encourage a healthy sexual energy and vitality in the body are *chefs kiss* Ingredients: HAWTHORN BERRIES, LEMON BALM, ORANGE PEEL, ASHWAGHANDA, BURDOCK ROOT, REISHI MUSHROOM, GINGER ROOT
  • WEEK 4: LUTEAL PHASE TEA helps to support the Luteal Phase of your cycle - which is typically the 10-14 days before your menstrual cycle when the body is slowing down and preparing to nest for our next period. We typically start producing progesterone during this phase - which is makes us a little hungrier, a little sleepier, and (sometimes) a little moodier. Nourishing & calming herbs, do your thing. IngredientsPASSIONFLOWER, RED RASPBERRY, HOLY BASIL, RED CLOVER, ROSE PETALS, ELDERFLOWER

Question about Cycle Syncing? See our guide here 

  • What is Cycle Syncing?  Cycle syncing is the practice of aligning your diet, movement, & other self care practices with each phase of your menstrual cycle.
  • Why Sync?  As your body moves through each of the four phases, its nutrient & energy needs fluctuate. Every Cycle Syncing blend is mindfully crafted to give your body the support it needs.
  • What if my cycle is irregular?  Our cycles are unique to each our bodies, and can fluctuate over time. The Cycle Syncing Set is meant to be taken in alignment with each phase - if you’re unsure, the simplest guide is one powder per week. Tracking your cycle - by noting cravings, energy levels, cervical fluid, PMS symptoms, etc - can help you understand what is "normal" for you. Always listen to your intuition and remember these herbs will be nourishing at ANY time of the month. There is no “wrong” way to consume. 


How to Use

Powder Directions: Add 1-2 tsp to your smoothie, latte, juice, or beverage of choice. Stir in thoroughly, sip and relax!

Tea Directions: Our herbal teas are meant to be steeped or simmered into water - check the label for time and temperature instructions!

Safety & Dosage

4oz: 20 servings
8oz: 40 servings

Adaptogen Dosing: Adaptogenic herbs work best when taken consistently over time. Start with a few times a week, and if that feels good you can up to a daily dose or cut back if needed! Always listen to your body as a guide *first* as herbs are powerful and effect every body differently.
All Tea Lady adaptogen powder blends are safe to take every day - but my personal recommendation is to take small periodic breaks for efficacy!*

Allergy Information: Contains Tree Nuts (Coconuts) Processed on shared equipment that may contain peanuts

Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is not recommended to start any herbal regimen during pregnancy.
Make sure you check with your care provider about any medications or allergies that might interact with the ingredients listed. Plants are powerful and care should always be taken with regards to your personal medical history.


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